How one can Take away Traumas

Aliens: Darkish Descent tells the story of a gaggle of Colonial Marines who crash-landed on a doomed alien planet. They’re surrounded by enemies of all types, minimize off from civilization, and left the die by the duplicitous Weyland-Yutani company. It comes as no shock then that the Marines are below unimaginable stress. That stress manifests itself into debilitating psychological issues, and it is as much as you as their commanding officer to get them by means of it.

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How Trauma Works

On the finish of each mission, Marines develop Trauma based mostly on how excessive their Stress degree bought whereas they had been deployed. Right here’s the way it breaks down:

Anxious (Yellow): 1 Trauma Level

Panicked (Orange): 2 Trauma Factors

Terrified (Pink): 3 Trauma Factors.

One of the best ways to forestall Trauma is to maintain your Marines’ Stress degree low all through the mission. In the event you handle to maintain your Marines from ever reaching the Anxious degree throughout a mission, they’ll stroll away from it Trauma-free.


When a Marine will get three factors of Trauma, they change into stricken with a random psychiatric dysfunction. Listed below are all of the deeply dangerous psychiatric issues your Marines can endure:

Trauma Impact Depressive The Marine begins each mission with further Stress harm. Pyrophobia Every time the Incineration ability is used or an Oil Puddle is ready on fireplace, the Marine takes Stress harm. Borderline The Stress relieved by the Marine when utilizing Naproleve or Resting is elevated, however all Stress harm can also be elevated. Hypochondriac If the squad has no Medical Provides, the Marine suffers Stress harm every second. Claustrophobia When Resting in a Shelter, the Marine’s Stress not decreases. Paranoid If the squad has greater than 3 energetic Marines, the Marine takes Stress harm every second. Hematophobia The Marine takes Stress harm every second when a Marine within the squad suffers from Hemorrhage. Anthrophobia The Marine takes Stress harm every second when seeing a Human Enemy. Obsessive Will increase the time required to Reload. Robophobia The Marines takes Stress harm every second when seeing a Artificial (enemy or allied). Xenomorphobia The Marine takes Stress harm every second when seeing Xenomorphs.

How one can Take away Trauma

Regardless of your greatest efforts, your Marines will finally construct up Trauma factors and issues. There are a few methods to counteract the results although. First, you should utilize the Psychiatric Care Unit to assign Marines to much-needed remedy. Second, there is a Frequent Attribute that may maintain Trauma passively.

Psychiatric Care Unit

The Psychiatric Care Unit is a piece of the Medbay the place the counselor, Saira Kabiri, may also help them face their fears. Daily a Marine spends in remedy heals two Trauma factors, and Kabiri can deal with as much as 4 Marines at a time.

Thoughts of Metal


Thoughts of Metal is a Frequent Attribute that may be chosen whenever you promote your Marines. It allows the Marine to routinely get well from Trauma after three days. In the event that they’ve developed a psychological dysfunction, it is going to routinely drop off after three days have handed, together with the Trauma factors that contributed to it.

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