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Subfamily Buteoninae (Buteos and Eagles)


Red-tailed Hawk (Buteo jamaicensis)
Red-tailed Hawk or Red-tailed Buzzard (Buteo jamaicensis or B. borealis) by John James Audubon

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Genera of the Subfamily Buteoninae (Buteos or Buzzard Hawks and Eagles)

  1. Aquila (eagles in part)
  2. Asturina (sometimes considered part of Buteo)
  3. Busarellus (Fishing Buzzard or Black-collared Hawk)
  4. Butastur (buzzard eagles)
  5. Buteo (buzzards or buteos)
  6. Buteogallus (crab hawks and black hawks)
  7. Geranoaetus (Grey Eagle-Buzzard)
  8. Haliaeetus (sea eagles or fish eagles)
  9. Harpia (Harpy Eagle)
  10. Harpyhaliaetus
  11. Harpyopsis (New Guinea Harpy-Eagle)
  12. Hieraaetus (eagles in part)
  13. Ichthyophaga (fishing eagles)
  14. Ictinaetus (Indian Black Eagle)
  15. Kaupifalco (Lizard Buzzard)
  16. Leucopternis (hawks in part)
  17. Lophaetus (Long-crested Eagle)
  18. Morphnus (Guiana Crested Eagle)
  19. Oroaetus (Isidor's Eagle)
  20. Parabuteo (Bay-winged Hawk or Harris' Hawk)
  21. Pithecophaga (Philippine Monkey-eating Eagle)
  22. Polemaeetus (Martial Eagle)
  23. Spizaetus (hawk eagles)
  24. Spizastur (Black and White Hawk-eagle)
  25. Stephanoaetus (Crowned Eagle)

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